At Blossoms we facilitate learning through the use of Montessori materials and a child-led curriculum. We feel that it is important to nurture the love of learning in children and support the development of pre-academic skills in a social context. Recent research emphasises the importance of child centred learning environments such as the Montessori environment. Each child is afforded the opportunity to explore and discover their unique learning experiences, nurtured and supported by highly qualified and experienced staff.

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Blossoms Apps - Stay Connected!
  • Blossoms Johnstown Bridge
  • Blossoms Enfield
  • Blossoms Afterschool

Blossoms have an App specifically to communicate with our parents/guardians. We have safety features built into the APP to provide a safe and secure platform from which we can share photos of all the children as they engage in daily activities. The Apps can be downloaded from Apple store or Google play, however authentication can only be given to parents of children enrolled with us. Parents can only access photos of their child’s group. We also use to App to send parents notifications and information.


  • Breakfast Club (Enfield)

    7:30 - 9:00
  • Pre-school Morning Class (Enfield & Johnstown Bridge)

    9:00 - 12:00
  • Afternoon Pre-school (Enfield & Johnstown Bridge)

    12:15 - 15:15
  • Toddlers Class (Enfield)

    9:00 - 12:00
  • Toddlers Class (Johnstown Bridge)

    12:15 - 15:15

    1:30 - 6:00

Our Team

In Blossoms we have a wonderful team of warm caring staff . All our staff are highly qualified and experienced in early years. Our team engage in the provision of a quality service to all of our toddlers, pre-schoolers and afterschool children. They have a genuine and enthusiastic passion to nurture and support children on their journey in a safe environment. We acknowledge the vital role of meaningful interactions and relationships with both parents and children.

Activity Camps

We run activity camps throughout the year i.e. Halloween, Christmas, Easter and July. Our highly qualified staff provide an exciting and inviting environment with a variety of activities which include arts and crafts, songs, dance, drama, sports, nature, teamwork and friendship.

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